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My story


My name is Stacey, I'm a born and raised Calgarian who's dream has always been to own my very own fashion boutique.

Working in the retail fashion industry for over 12 years and interior home design for 6 years I have always had an eye for design. I truly feel blessed to have spent the last four years as a stay at home Mom and am very excited to get back to my passion with DNA. 

DNA is defined as a nucleic acid that contains genetic code. DNA Dresscode- because fashion is in my DNA.

As a little girl you would never find me playing with my dolls. Instead, I would dress them, change them, redress, and repeat. I would primp them for hours and when they were finally beautified they would sit on display. As one would imagine, I didn't have many friends that wanted to come over and play...

My Grandfather started in the clothing industry at the age of 18, spending the 1940's and 50's working for various menswear stores.  He opened his own store called Coachman Clothes Ltd in Calgary in the 1960's and operated it until he retired in the 90's.

My father worked at Coachman's and other menswear stores for well over a decade until him and his brother followed suit and started Hendrickson Bros a "made to measure' suit company. 

From a very young age my mother also had a passion for the industry. She modeled clothing for a department store, commercials and fashion shows.

It's apparent that fashion truly is in my DNA.

I look forward to hearing your comments and welcome any feedback on products you would like to see added to our collection.

Enjoy your shopping experience at DNA.